The 15 Years I Lost

I was really good at reading and writing when I was young. I started picking up Daniel Steele novels around the house. I remember reading Rising Sun by Michael Crichton in the 5th grade outside of class. This is not your normal 5th grade reading! It’s a real adult murder mystery, thriller. Then through high school I read a few more books then pretty much stopped reading all together by the end of high school. I wouldn’t read again for more than a decade. The dark ages had begun in my life.

After becoming disappointed with my employment in my early 30s I began reading about starting a business which ultimately led me to reading about how to make money without having a job. I wanted to be my own boss. I read about business, stocks, bonds, lending, and ultimately ended up reading about real estate.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

If you do anything please at least read Rich Dad Poor by Robert Kiyosaki. This book is required reading for anyone I work with. You can read it in a day or two and it will change the way you understand where money comes from and where it goes in your life. The books explains how you can retire sooner rather than later. But then again I’m afraid to mention the “R” word since it confuses people so much. Let’s just say the book teaches you how to make more money.

This was the book I use to read outside the mall on my lunch break. I was a bus driver in 2012 and use to park the bus outside the mall, sit down and read a few pages while I ate my lunch. Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first book that made it clear to me that I didn’t need to work forever and explained how I would be able to retire using property.

This book was so influential to my life that I began to read again after more than 15 years of no reading. I had forgotten how powerful a good book could be. The rest was history. I began reading everything I could get my hands on about personal finance and real estate. Now I look back and wonder what kind of person I would be today had I never stopped reading in the first place back in High School. Then again, sometimes we have to lose in order to get.

If you have any questions about Rich Dad Poor Dad while you are reading feel free to send me an email at JOE@RICHBUSDRIVER.COM. I’d be happy to provide you with further examples and explanations if you have questions while reading.


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