English Black Friday

I’ve been in England for a little bit visiting family. I am American. I like traveling to look at other cultures which in turns helps me better understand my own American culture. By comparing and contrasting I can better understand what I am, what other people are, what we all are.

In the United States we have a day called Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving Day each year. Black Friday is a huge shopping day in which many products are sold much cheaper than you can normally find them throughout the year. This Black Friday is also a good day to purchase gifts for the approaching Christmas holiday which comes at the end of December. These shopping days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday grew around and were based on American holidays.

Being in England I find that England also has a Black Friday even though they have no Thanksgiving day like America. And here is where you see marketing in action. Marketers are trying to find “excuses” for you to go shopping. They try to create reasons, and opportunities for you to feel obliged to go shopping.

Don’t let society put its hands in your families pockets. You have a plan and a budget and you need to stick to that plan.

You are CEO of your family. Your business is your family. You owe it to yourself and to your family to see your financial plan through to the end. There will be time for buying gifts, but as long as work dominates your life and you are still living paycheck to paycheck, now is not the time.

Let me point out that some people intentionally wait until the holidays to do a majority of their required yearly necessity shopping because of the lower prices. If this is what you’re doing and this is part of your plan then that’s fine.

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