I Don’t Go On Vacations

I’m writing to you from Stockholm Sweden. This is my first time in Europe, and I have gotten some really good self study time in and enjoyed the beautiful libraries. 
I’ve been reading on this trip:

1. How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor by Ernie J. Zelinski


2. The Nation’s Retirement System: A Comprehensive Re-evaluation Is Needed to Better Promote Future Retirement Security GAO-18-111SP, Published: Oct 18, 2017. Publicly Released: Oct 18, 2017.

I always like to do these travel study trips, or as college kids would call it, a study session. Throw a bunch of psychology, financial books, maybe a classic story or two in my backpack. Then go off travelling and reading until you run out of books. Then head back to the U.S.A. or your home state until you decide to do it again to a different country or state. 

I love these trips because they stimulate every part of your brain. It’s like having a classroom in a Swedish McDonalds one day, the National Library of Sweden another, and then a park the next. All the while you are trying to navigate a subway system in a foreign language, eating new foods, and walking miles a day. It’s a complete mind and body stimulation.

I don’t like to say I’m on vacation because what am I vacating from? I don’t even like to say I’m a tourist although that’s probably an accurate definition. I like to say I’m just living around. Sometimes you work and study at home and stometimes you work and study in a different city, state or country. 

Again, I want to really encourage you to make a plan to retire sooner rather than later by using a vehicle like rental property. The lifestyle is amazing.

Email me if you have any questions about how to live like this at joe@richbusdriver.com

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