Money is Everything

Okay, it isn’t. But what I mean is that the other day someone tried to tell me about how money isn’t everything in life. But I had to immediately point out to them that they work tomorrow morning and I won’t. They have to go to bed in a little bit and I don’t. I will get to sleep as long as my body wants to sleep tonight and they won’t. See my point? If you manage your money the opportunity and power of choice it provides comes into every aspect of your life.

The reason I’m always tracking and monitoring my money is so that I know exactly where it’s coming from, how much of it is coming, and where it is going. I talk about money a lot not because I think I’m cool talking about money but because it has a big impact on every other aspect of my life. If my income is not being managed every other aspect of my life begins to be impacted in a negative way.

Don’t love money, just love talking about how to take care of it and enjoying the opportunity and choices and freedom it brings into every part of your life.


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