Give Luck A Chance

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity,” said Jim Rohn. Looking back I was not really lucky becoming financially independent. I was always cautiously poking and prodding around in the dark looking for a breakthrough.

When I wanted to be free from my work it was not luck that made me start reading. I made a decision to start poking around and looking for answers to my work problem. Why do I seem to always “get lucky” with the books I read. It seems like I’m always reading the top powerful books in finance and personal development. I’m not really lucky finding these books either. I just ask people whats the most important book they read, so really other people are just telling me what they read.

When I started buying property I was again just poking around as I like to call it. I didn’t know that my first property, a $50,000 condominium in San Bernardino California would make me $550 a month in profit or that it would appreciate $20,000 in two years.

Give luck a chance by poking around, by asking questions. You will “get lucky” at some of the most unexpected times. It’s actually a lot of fun. It’s a game I play with the universe now. I go outside all ears, eyes open, and the universe will always have little surprises for me.

Go out more when people invite you somewhere.

Ask people what they do, how they make money, how they do it.

When you meet people, especially successful people, ask them what books they read.

Drive through parts of town you normally don’t drive through.

Drive slower and look around as you drive for new interesting places.

Be random, such as eating at different places throughout the week.


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