May the Best Reader Win

A benefit of not having to work is that I have been able to go to work on myself full time. I’m a full time student on my own mind. I have a lot of time to work on myself and read, think, and plan. As I write this, most people are at work but I’m in a cafe reading and taking notes. It’s these small amounts of self education reading time that add up. After a few weeks I have hundreds of hours more than other people spent on learning. I would even bet that I spend as much time as any college student learning about myself as they do learning about economics or history or algebra.

Here are the books I recommend.

I read, take notes, and plan my finances for about 4 hours a day. Multiply that by by 7 days a week and I’m working on myself for 28 hours a week. The average college class requires 3 hours in class per week and 6 to 9 hours of study time outside of class. My life of 28 hours of study per week is like taking 3 college classes every week. What do I study? I’m reading and studying anything that will continue to teach me to manage my money, to understand how my mind and body work, a little history, economics, banking, taxes, and a bunch of others.

I get study hours in all over the place. When I’m swimming, doing some yard work, or driving I have my phone speaker on playing a seminar or I’m listening to a podcast. I always have some unread books thrown in the trunk of the car in case I find myself in a doctors office waiting room or stuck in line at the DMV for an hour. I’m always ready to get a little study session in.

Some people are really lucky and have a job that allows them to even read or study while they are working. Say a gas station attendant or security guard or parking garage attendant. These people can make money and be getting in a couple of hours self education a day. They can have one headphone in their ear or even read a book while they are doing their job.

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