Retired at 35

At the age of 31 I got a job as a city bus driver. Over the next four years I used as much of my bus driver income as I could to buy as much rental property in Texas as I could. Four years later I was able to retire. So how could a bus driver retire so young? A lot of people don’t realize this but there are bus drivers out there making $70,000 a year when they reach full time pay after 5 years. It’s a fun job, the hours fly by, and driving the city bus game me the income I needed to buy rental property.

It just so happened that right about the time I started driving a city bus I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki on my lunch breaks. What I read about owning assets like property and positive cash flow changed the way I thought about and used money forever.

Basically I learned from Mr. Kiyosaki that I should buy things like property that pay me money every month. The formula was simple. Drive the bus as much as I could, save as much as I could, and take that money and buy as much property as I could. Over the next four years the money I was making from my rental property caught up with the money I was making as a bus driver. I mean I was making enough money from my rental property that it paid all my bills. I was at a point where I could decide if I wanted to go to work tomorrow or not.

Ask me about bus driving any time. I still miss it every time I see a bus drive by.



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