Low On Cash

I had to laugh the other day. I had just wired some money and my checking account was pretty low on cash. In the past my mind would go to, “I need to find some extra work. I need to work more so I can get more cash.” I don’t think like that anymore. It was funny because the first thing I thought was, “What Can I buy?” For a second it sounded weird. “What can I buy?” Won’t that just mean I have even less cash? I’m low on cash and I’m thinking about buying more stuff? Yes. Now I think, “What property Can I buy so I can get some more rent coming in? Or, “Maybe there is someone who can use my little bit of cash so I can make some interest.” Or, “what could I buy and then turn around and sell for a profit.” I just thought about how far I’ve come. I use to always exchange time for money. Work a little more, and exchange a little more time for a little more money. Now I think, “Where can I send my money to go to work for me?”

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