Off Work? Now The Real Work Can Begin

Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in American history, told us that there are three times during the day. There is a time to sleep, a time to work and an opportunity time. This opportunity time is before you go to work, it’s during your lunch brake, it’s the time after work. From Friday when you get off work until when you go back to work on Sunday that time is all for you. Use this time to work on yourself. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job said Jim Rohn.

If you can read a book about installing equipment at work, why can’t you read a book on personal development? You write reports everyday, but yet you don’t take any notes on the psychology of success? When you have free time go to work on yourself.

Don’t forget that your work and the income it provides is never guaranteed. Your boss doesn’t have to give you work tomorrow. In a sense you are being constantly interviewed on a daily basis. People can tell when you are working on yourself or not.